Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors at Glory Pharmaceutical Company consists of leaders in the fields of medicine, business, finance, academic research and foreign affairs. Leveraging expertise from their respective industry, our directors pledge to bring the innovative technology of CHML to millions of cancer patients who continue to seek hope in their battles against cancer.


Zheng Xu, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Sean A. Cohen
Senior Vice President - Product Development Director

Scientific Advisory Board

Jiawei Zhu, Ph.D
HEAD of the Biopharmaceutical Development Program, SAIC Frederick, MD
Medical researcher at the National Cancer Institute - Cancer R&D Center, Frederick , MD

Qimin Zhan, Ph.D
Dept. Radiation Oncology, Pittsburhg Cancer Institute
University of Pittsburg School of Medicine

Shicheng Zhao, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY

Legal Advisor

Ping Z. Liang
United Law Firm
Washington DC